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The amazing animal album

dainikbhaskar.com | Oct 05, 2012, 09:29AM IST
The amazing animal album
Nature has so much unusual in it’s store. The animals discussed here are just a part of the amazing album of nature. Let’s have a close look.

Giant Green Anemone
This awesome animal lives in tidal pools along the Pacific coast. It has a lot of tentacles, which are short and conical. When it gets enough sunlight, It looks bright green underwater. It eats detached mussels, small fish, and crabs.

Cecropia Moth Caterpillar

This vibrant caterpillar grows into an enormous moth called the Robin Moth - one of the largest in North America. It usually hangs out on maple trees but eats other fruits too. It takes at least 12 days for the eggs to grow into this lovely caterpillar.


Nudibranchs are actually molluscs with a soft shell. Most are brightly coloured - it helps keep predators away. They get their colouring from the food they eat. There are over 3000 known species across the world and more are being identified everyday!


Its red, white and black stripes make it distinctive, and probably give it its name. It has spiky tentacles that are venomous. The venom causes vomiting, fever etc. in humans and is sometimes fatal. Even so, some people enjoy eating lionfish! They are native to the Indo-Pacific region.
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