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  • Most Dangerous Posts Of The Indian Armed Forces
    The Indian armed forces safeguard us by guarding the most dangerous fronts of the country. They guard us at the border, and during wars they go on without food for days at the most dangerous postings, says Shehla Faaiz. Siachen: Worlds Highest Battlefield At 19,000 ft above sea level, and temperature as low as -50, the Siachen glacier is the worlds highest and coldest battle ground. The whether and living conditions here are truely unfavourable. The soldiers posted here are...
    October 14, 05:31 PM
  • Bapu The Peacemaker
    On this Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October), have a good read of Gandhi jis success mantra says Ayushi Mathur. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviour.Keep your behaviour positive, because your behaviour becomes your habit.Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny. Gandhi Mental strength is more important than physical Gandhiji was not a physically strong man but it...
    October 1, 05:12 PM
  • State Birds Of India
    Check out your state bird in our second serving of the series, State Birds Of India. Western Tragopan Jujurana, as the locals call this bird, is the rarest of all living species. It prefers to nest in dense temperate, sub-alpine, and broad-leaved forests. Black-necked Crane It is easily identified by its black neck and black-tipped wings. Asian Koel It is commonly known as Koel and is popular for its melodious voice. It lays its eggs in the nests of other birds, who...
    September 3, 11:35 AM
  • State Birds Of India
    We know that peacock is the national bird of India. But, do you know that every state has its own bird. Know your state bird, in our first serving of the series, State Birds Of India. Indian Roller This bird is locally known as Neelkanth, due to the bluish colour on its wings. It feeds on insects, small snakes and reptiles. State: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana Odisha Great Hornbill Hornbill is a large bird that mainly feeds on fruits and figs and can live for...
    August 20, 12:01 PM
  • Let The Games Begin !!!
    Rio Olympics- The biggest and vibrant sports gala of this decade, will kick-start in Rio de Janeiro from today, 5th-21st August. Catch the extravaganza with Shehla Faaiz. Opening Ceremony The Olympic opening ceremony will be held at the Maracan Stadium on August 5, 2016. Brazils most celebrated choreographer, Deborah Colker has prepared a cast of over 6000 volunteers, who will dance in the opening ceremony. All About The Games They are officially known as the Games of the XXXI...
    August 5, 01:42 PM