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AFRICA The second largest continent

dainikbhaskar.com | Nov 30, 2012, 12:57 IST

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AFRICA The second largest continent
The name Africa came into Western use through the Romans, who used the name Africa terra - "land of the Afri" for the northern part of this continent.
Africa is home to over 800 million human inhabitants spread over 54 countries, it accounts for about one seventh of the world human population.
Naturally rich
Africa is quite rich in natural resources, right from oil to coal and gemstones to precious metals. But unfortunately it is the poorest continent, which is long plagued by outside interference, corruption and disease.

Wild life
The African wild life is home to the "BIG 5" wild creatures. These are lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino.
Language & Culture
African people have a variety in languages, they speak Arabic, Nubian, Zulu and Sandawe. More then 1,600 languages are spoken in Africa, which are more than spoken in any other continent.

Cool African Facts
1- The land occupied by China, Unites States and Europe could fit inside Africa.
2- The great pyramid of Khufu in Egypt was the world's tallest man-made structure for more than 4,400 years. It is still standing today.
3- The Basenji, a dog from Africa, yodels (form of singing) instead of barking.
4- Most of the world's diamonds and gold come from mines in Africa.
5- The Goliath frog, found in the rain forests of western Africa, can grow to be as big as some house cats.
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