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Raja and the giant donut

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  • कॉपी लिंक
This book carries a very engaging and heartwarming story that depicts the life of three stray dogs. Raja, his friend Pakya and Gondhlekar, affectionately called Gattu Raja, a golden0brown stray mongrel who stays at Shivaji Park and spends his days lying under shady trees and chasing tennis balls. Pakya is a white-and-black dog and happens to be the most feared dog at this side if the park. Gattu is an abandoned Labrador who is perpetually hungry. The story is about the journey of these three dogs from Shivaji Park in Mumbai to Sambhaji Park in Pune. Their journey begins from a craving to eat the world's largest donut in Pune. Gattu is too excited to go while the other two travels with him unwillingly. The story highlights how these three dogs bond over their journey and come across. Manu challenges but support each other to overcome their shortcomings, making many new friends along the way. They enjoy the best of times and-when they are stranded in Lonavla-the worst of times as well. What makes the book a lot more fascinating is the recipe for a Chocolate Glaze Donut.

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पॉजिटिव- मेष राशि के लिए ग्रह गोचर बेहतरीन परिस्थितियां तैयार कर रहा है। आप अपने अंदर अद्भुत ऊर्जा व आत्मविश्वास महसूस करेंगे। तथा आपकी कार्य क्षमता में भी इजाफा होगा। युवा वर्ग को भी कोई मन मुताबिक क...

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